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Bending Machine

Bending Machine
Bending Machine
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Product Description


1.         Cutting Machine

2.         Pneumatic Bending Machine

3.         Pipe Bending Machine

4.         Brazing Machine

5.         Knurling Machine

6.         Polishing Machine

7.         Conveyor

8.        Flushing Machine

9.        Hydraulic Leakage Testing Machine

10.        Induction brazing

11.      Flaring Machine

12.      Brushing Machine

13.      Hydro Pneumatic Leakage Testing Machine

Pneumatic Bending Machine:

We are engaged in the manufacturing of Bending Machines. The Bending Machine has an effective bending process that allows it to produce various shapes and types of work. The uniqueness of its design allows the system to bend stiff and hard material pipes into small radius. The product can be customized on basis of the specifications of our clients.

Salient Features:

     1.      Capacity Up to 3MM to 16MM

2.      Fully Automatic Operation Easy to Set & Operate

3.      Smooth Wrinkle Free Bends

4.      Sharp Bends Up-to 1.5D

5.      No Filling of Sand Or Spring

6.      CNC Models Available

Pipe Bending Machine:

Single axis Pipe Bending Machine:

 Tech. Specifications


Technical Specifications


Excel -1

Excel - 2

Excel - 3

Excel - 4

Light Bending

Medium Bending

Heavy Bending

Extra Heavy Bending


Approx. Pipe Bending Capacity

Up to  1" (25.4 mm.) Round and  Square

Upto 1.1/2"(38 mm)Round and 1"square.

Upto 2.00" (50.8 mm)Round and 1.1/2 square

Up to 3.00" (76.2 mm) Round and

Major Parts

Elect. Motor

2 H.P.

3 H.P.

5 H.P

6 H.P

Reduction Gear Box




David Brown

Working Table

24.00"(610 mm) Dia

30.0"(762 mm) Dia

30.0"(762 mm) Dia

33.0"(838 mm) Dia

Overall Dimensions


37.00" (940 mm.)

37.00" (940 mm.)

37.00" (940 mm.)

37.00" (940 mm.)


24.00"(610 mm.)

24.00"(610 mm.)

24.00"(610 mm.)

24.00"(610 mm.)


36.00" ( 915 mm.)

36.00" ( 915 mm.)

36.00" ( 915 mm.)

36.00" ( 915 mm.)

Bending Speed

4 R.P.M. Approx

Bending Direction

Clock wise & Anticlockwise ( Left hand Right hand)
On the Same Machine


Special Features:

1. Two In One Model for Rotary Die Bending and 3-Roller Bending On the Same Machine Available.
All Bending Requirements Of Smaller Radius Bends to Very Large Bends Up to Few Meters Possible on The Same Machine.

2.       Left hand and Right Hands Bends Possible on the same Machine.

  Capacity Range:

1.  O.D (D) of tubes- 6mm to 3.00” mm

2.  Wall thickness – 1 mm to 2.5 mm

Bending radius:

1.       1.5d to 5d

Material of bending:

Mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper brass & Aluminum. 

Process Related:

To automatically produce components without changing the machine set up by programming bend angle, distance between the bend, plane of bend, bending radius (maximum up to 3 for the same machine setup) To produce components less than 1.5d up to 1d For reducing the ovality from 10 % up to 2 %